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Making a portfolio in WP7


We were excited by the new Windows Phone platform and after the Android experience we had to see for ourselves what the Microsoft’s platform is bringing into the mobile world. To simplify this task we have focused on one objective: play around with WP7 framework and make a mobile portfolio. Here is the result.

Verdict: WP7 is awesome and the interesting thing is that Microsoft have completely changed how we interact with our phone. User experience feels very natural and inspiring at the same time. As we are comfortable working with Silverlight we have found WP7 development to be a pretty straightforward process. Development environment, IntelliSense, Silverlight controls, documentation… as usual with some minor changes – emulator opens instead of a web browser plus some extra settings. Looking back and comparing to Android constant problem solving work-around process the WP7 is like poetry to work with. Fast, responsive, intuitive, smart and clean design.

All in all this is an just amazing mobile platform and we wish it all the best on the market. If you are new to WP7 development you should read this blog.